hand sanitizer, alcohol hand sanitizer
hand sanitizer, alcohol hand sanitizer

Battle Germs with Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

20 July 2021

Carrying the fight against COVID and other forms of viruses and diseases is best done with clean hands. Your hands are the most used body part, even so unconsciously. You eat with them, drink water, scratch your nose, floss your teeth, pet your dog, and even use your phone and laptop with your hands. There isn’t a moment that your hands can afford to be soiled or dirty.

Using an alcohol hand sanitizer prevents harboring bad viruses on your hands and helps kill them ASAP. You also prevent the spread of disease to your officemates, friends, and loved ones when you keep your hands clean and germ-free.

The washroom quest 

It can be inconvenient (and sometimes impossible) to find the nearest restroom to wash your hands every time you touch a handrail, bus pole, coins, a doorknob, or even an elevator button. While keeping your hands sterile is the number one priority, it can be a hassle to look for a sink and soap whenever the need arises.

Good thing that hand sanitizer in Singapore is becoming a favorite hygiene technique that’s convenient, easy to find (in public areas), effective, and nondrying. It’s effortless to stash one in your bag or pocket (whichever works for you) and bring it out when you need it—and yes, these days you’ll be needing it quite frequently. With 75% to 95% alcohol content, you can get rid of 99.9% of the germs, which is life-changing when you’re on the go and need a ready-to-use method.

Going back to work, walking in the mall, or even eating your favorite street food means your hands will be encountering a lot of germs. Keep these at bay by bringing out your hand sanitizer every time you come across potential virus sources or surfaces or touch anything in public. Make it a habit to use your hand sanitizer before and after eating (even if you’re using chopsticks) and when you’re about to go home. 

Your dirty hands can transmit anything from pathogens like salmonella to COVID, so the best way to keep them out of your homes is to sanitize even before entering your front door and washing (or taking a bath) once inside. 

Keep it handy

Aside from the small on-the-go hand sanitizer bottles, invest in bigger-sized reusable pump bottles that you can situate strategically. In the office, have one easily accessible on your desk when you arrive from your walk, lunch-out, or commute. It can also be a lifesaver when you have a working lunch or forget to wash your hands after using the washroom. Almost half of the employees eat at their workplace, so hand sanitizer is a must!

At home, place a big bottle near your front door that you can easily use before you leave and when you get home. It’s also useful when you take out the garbage, touch your pet, get your food deliveries, or clean the house. If you have guests or need to invite the plumber inside, they can also dispense the hand sanitizer for added protection for your home and family.

It might not be advisable to leave a big bottle of alcohol hand sanitizer in your car or any place near heat, since its alcohol content may be a fire hazard. For good measure, just use the one in your bag!

Here’s how to effectively use your hand sanitizer:

  1. Add at least a coin-sized drop on your palms. 

  2. Rub the sanitizer all over your hands and fingers. 

  3. Make sure that you rub around all areas that surround the hands: palms, back of the hands, around and between each of the fingers, nail areas, and wrists.

  4. Repeat your rubbing motion in these areas for about 30-40 seconds or until the hand sanitizer is fully absorbed or dry. 

Another benefit of hand sanitizer is that you don’t need a dryer or paper towels to dry your hands. Plus points for saving trees and electricity! Don’t forget to dry your hands when you wash with water though, since damp hands can also harbor and attract germs. 

 Super clean hands are probably the next best thing to hawker food. Remember to sanitize your hands for 30-40 seconds always before you eat! That’s just a few seconds for you and your family’s long-term health.