sensitive skin body wash, wash lotion
sensitive skin body wash, wash lotion

Best Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

02 July 2021

For most people, bath time is the perfect R&R. Bring out the rubber ducky, the sponge, and the fruit-scented sensitive skin body wash or gel, and get that iridescent and squeaky clean glow right after!

For people with sensitive skin though, this isn’t always the case. Too many irritants, soap, and even the sweet fragrance we all love can strip the body of its most needed moisture. If you have sensitive skin, you already know too well what will happen when the moisture barrier is disrupted: dry, cracked skin—possibly with rashes. 

Clean is in 

With the advent of the pandemic and the government’s dedication to strict cleansing and sanitizing, bath time has become a critical moment of our day. Medical experts explain how important it is to take a bath daily because the skin and hair are moist environments—and viruses love to thrive in those areas.

Taking a bath before leaving the house and upon coming home have become unquestionable tasks. The market has responded with antimicrobial soaps and gels and high-performing scrubs that aim to destroy any trace of the virus on your body and leave you fresh-smelling and clean. These products are amazing if you have normal skin (or oily) skin.

Those with sensitive skin still need a body wash that is mild and nurturing but is tough on viruses and bacteria. The formulation should specifically meet their needs for hydration and superior cleansing. The good news is that you can end your long search for a sensitive skin body wash. 

3-in-1 moisturizing bacteria-buster

Octenisan wash lotion is practical and serious in its promise to gently clean you from head to toe. You can use it on your hair and entire body as a wash lotion or diluted with a sponge or cloth. 

Octenisan is powered with octenidine to wash off traces of MDROs and even COVID on your skin and hair. The longer you leave it on your hair and skin, the more bacteria and viruses it can reduce and clean off! MDROs can cause diseases like UTI, pneumonia, or wound infections if left to colonize on your skin. It is also suitable for people with dermatological conditions e.g. eczema

If you have sensitive skin, you have nothing to worry about because Octenisan is enriched with Allantoin that maintains the moisture on your skin. Leaving the product for as long as 2 minutes will not be irritating. It has no scent and comes without artificial coloring, so it’s the idea product even for those with allergies. 

Octenisan wash lotion is mild and soothing, so you get a hydration boost after every bath. That’s a hair and body wash with a smooth lotion feel, making this a complete 3-in-1 product.


All-around gentle cleanser

Esemtan skin cleanser is another sensitive skin body wash favorite because it’s mild and soap-free and comes with a subtle and light fragrance. 

It’s free from parabens and phthalates that can irritate your skin and boasts of Allantoin to supplement the much-needed moisture of the skin. Allantoin is a skin-calming and soothing ingredient that enhances skin hydration (and is also a favorite K-beauty ingredient for sensitive skincare products). It also has healing and anti-inflammation properties, as a component of diaper rash and burn ointments.

Use Esemtan as a gentle skin cleanser in various ways. You can add drops to lather a relaxing bath (in a tub), add to a sponge or washcloth, or apply directly to your skin in the shower. This time, you won’t have to worry about dryness or itching even if you take a prolonged or hot bath.

As a bonus, the esemtan skin cleanser comes in a handy 1L or 500ml pump so you can also use it to wash your hands! You can add it near your kitchen sink or counter since its moisturizing qualities will also be helpful for your hands that do a lot of “dirty” work.

Wash all you can

Say goodbye to the irritation and redness that come from harsh, chemical-laden, and drying soap products. Stripping the skin of its moisture layer can be harmful to the skin, and more so for those with sensitive skin. 

A body wash that effectively cleans even the bad bacteria and leaves you with smooth skin, like Octenisan wash lotion or Esemtan skin cleanser, is a holy grail product in this time when all we want is to be clean and feel safe. It also helps to get that ultra-smooth feeling afterward!