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microshield angel blue

Get the Best Defense with Microshield Angel Blue

29 June 2021

Today’s spotlight goes to the frequent and thorough washing of hands. COVID and a lot of other viruses are not just airborne. They can be transmitted from your dirty hands to yourself, your loved ones, or even the things you touch and share with others. 


On a microscopic level, the germs are just waiting to spread, and every touch, pat, or scratch can spell disaster for an entire household. Your best line of defense is to keep those hands clean. The number one solution is, of course, proper handwashing.

When to wash your hands? Well, the list is exhaustive, and you’ve surely heard them all: before and after eating, preparing food, going to a public place, using the restroom, visiting someone sick, treating a wound, or even touching anything in the public. The list goes on, but it is apparent that possible contact with anyone sick, anything in a contaminated or high-touch area instantly calls for a hand wash (or handrub if a restroom is not accessible).  

Just dousing your fingers with water is not considered correct handwashing. Here’s how it should be done:

  1. Wet your hands under running water.

  2. Lather your hands with soap and continue to lather all the parts of your hands, in between the fingers and the back of the nails.

  3. Make sure you scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. (You have the option of singing Happy Birthday instead of doing a countdown.)

  4. Rinse your hands with clean running water.

  5. Dry your hands with an air dryer or a disposable paper towel. 

  • A reusable towel or cloth may harbor bacteria, so stick with the dryer or paper towel.

  • Don’t skip this part because damp hands are also a germ magnet.

No sink? No problem

The Microshield Angel Blue is your next solution if finding a sink proves to be a challenge. An alcohol-based handrub is portable, highly convenient, and much easier to use. With its 70% alcohol content, you can expect the removal of enveloped viruses and bacteria from your hands. 

It’s also a much faster way to clean your hands since all you need is to pump 3ml (about a size of a 20 cents coin), good enough to cover your hands. Rub around your hands, fingers, and wrists for about 30 seconds or until the Microshield Angel Blue dries out. It’s enriched with moisturizer so your hands don’t feel cracked and dry.

There are instances when a good hand wash is still preferred over the handrub: when your hands are soiled, messy, or greasy, or when you touch toxic or harmful substances (like pesticides). A hand sanitizer may reduce the germs but not clean up all the soil, grime, and chemicals. 

Frequent handwashing with soap and water may be the top line of defense, though it comes with just one downside: dry skin.

Shield your skin too

The inevitable result of constant hand washing or bathing is getting dry, cracked, or even scaly skin. It can be uncomfortable, itchy, and comes with a flaky look that just appears unpleasant on anyone’s hands. 

While a moisturizer is a top remedy for dry skin, those living in the hotter Asian countries may find some lotion brands too thick or creamy for the humid weather. Good thing is that the Microshield moisturizing lotion is light, fragrance-free, and packed with Vitamin E and amino acids. It’s a no-fuss lotion that promises to soften all the dry and flaky spots without leaving a sticky residue. Quickly absorbed by the skin, use it after your bath or every time you wash your hands at home or in the office.

Now, you can bathe and wash your hands relentlessly, as Microshield moisturizing lotion keeps your skin smooth and hydrated. At this time when everyone is preoccupied with cleaning and sanitizing, a little self-love doesn’t hurt. 

Make the Microshield Angel Blue your partner to combat hand germs and condition those hands. This way, you can spread the love, not the germs.