Disinfectant Liquids, Disinfectant wipes
Disinfectant Liquids, Disinfectant wipes

How Do You Use Disinfectant Liquids More Effectively Against Viruses and Bacteria?

21 May 2021

If you go to any store that sells cleaning agents, you will find a wide variety of disinfectant liquids. Each promises to help you get rid of all germs. While that may be true for most of these products, it also helps to know how best to use them. 

Usually, disinfectant products that can battle viruses and bacteria effectively have a 70% ethanol percentage. However, it is best to follow some guidelines to make the most of the disinfectant liquid products’ concentration and efficacy. 

Keep Things Clear

If something looks murky, chances are it is not clean. So, it does not make sense to continue dipping your mop into that greyish water. No matter how strong the solution is, you need to periodically replace it with a fresh mixture. The water itself should also be clean and clear to make the solution work at its peak performance. 

This means that if you are going to clean a large area, you may need to replace the solution a few times. If not, you may just end up merely wetting the place instead of battling hidden viruses and bacteria. 

Disinfect the Hot Spots Regularly

Some spots are more likely to be dirtier than others. These are areas that people touch more often. 

What are some examples of hotspots? Think of doorknobs, shelves, switches, sinks, tables, chairs, toilets, and more. These are the places that people keep on touching throughout the day in your home or office. 

Make sure that you just don’t clean them. You must disinfect these spots to ensure hidden germs are also gotten rid of. 

Get rid of the gritty and filthy parts first

If the area you plan to clean is extra dirty, it does not make sense to go straight to disinfecting. You may end up swirling tangible bits of dust, soil, and more all around the place. 

This is why it is best to sweep the place first. Make sure that no dust has settled on the floor. Only then can you use your mop with a liberal dose of disinfecting liquid. Not only does it serve as a finishing touch, but it also kills the germs while regular cleanup only removes them. 

Combine with microfiber

Using any type of cloth will not work. You need to combine your disinfectant with microfiber. So, find out what your rugs, mops, and other cleaning cloths are made of. You may want the binding to occur for a more effective germ-killing method when using quat-based disinfectants. 

Quats stand for quaternary ammonium compounds. These are ingredients that help disinfectants get the label of antibacterial in the first place. They are pretty strong but gentle enough. Such a product is the Mikrozid sensitive wipes. Disinfecting liquids combined with microfiber can recreate the same cleansing effect that these wipes have. 

Do not change the ratio

If you buy the concentrated form of disinfectant liquids, make sure you don’t tweak its ratio with water. Too much or too little may change the efficacy promised by the brand.

Do not mix with other chemicals

Another mixture no-no is pouring another chemical into the brew. The interaction may change the effectivity completely. 

Conduct your research  

Keeping yourself informed is one of the most effective ways of battling viruses and bacteria. You must update yourself on the various ways in which you can use disinfecting liquids, sensitive skin and body wash, and hand sanitizer gels for killing viruses. This way, you can keep yourself healthy and safe, whether or not there is a pandemic going on. 

When used correctly, disinfectant wipes can help you sanitize surfaces by killing germs and viruses and not just removing them. Find one that targets your particular problem.