microshield angel blue, hand rub, hand sanitizer
microshield angel blue, hand rub, hand sanitizer

What Is Microshield and Why It Is Necessary

25 October 2021

Microbes are super tiny organisms that are unperceivable by the naked eyes. They usually cause harmful side effects if they intrude on their hosts and thrive inside their body. The point of entry that they use to invade the body is the various orifices, otherwise known as openings in the bodies, like mouth, nose, eyes, and ears.

Hair and mucous membranes usually protect these orifices to prevent microorganisms from intruding. However, touching these body parts with hands contaminated by microbes will allow the latter to enter. That is why it is necessary to observe proper hand hygiene, as it helps stop the microbes before they can even act.

One of the best ways to have good hand hygiene for infection prevention is to use effective and efficient products to eliminate germs. One such product is Microshield!


Microshield is a hygiene brand that is considered a veteran in the healthcare industry. Their more than 25 years of cumulative experience allowed them to create products that are both effective and efficient in maintaining good hygiene, which is widely used in hospital settings and other healthcare facilities.

Microshield offers a wide selection of hand hygiene solutions, ranging from simple Microshield hand wash to alcohol-based Microshield hand rubs and surgical scrubs. Microshield can now offer consumers a more extensive array of infection prevention products, thanks to their long-standing experience and expertise in hygiene.


As humans became more resilient to germs, they began evolving and started passing more boundaries than they ever did before. As we have realized from the current pandemic, it is dangerous to overlook their presence. It is far more threatening, however, to look down on their impact on people and society. As such, preventive measures are essential in addressing these underlying issues. After all, preventing the disease from happening is better than curing it.

Additionally, Microshield not only eliminates the microbes but also brings benefits to the skin.  And it does that without sacrificing its efficacy!


Microshield Angel Blue - Microshield Angel Blue is a hygienic hand rub that can be used as a hand sanitizer. Using this hand rub keeps your hands feeling soft, smooth and hydrated without leaving a sticky residue. It is specially formulated to care for your skin even after frequent and repeated use, so your hands can stay refreshed. It has a neutral pH balance, which makes it ideal for most skins.

Microshield Moisturising Lotion - Microshield moisturising lotion is a pH-neutral skin developed for regular moisturising. It is suitable for sensitive and aging skin. It does not compromise the efficacy of CHG products and prolong gloves wearing.


Washing your hands with soap and running water for twenty seconds or more is often considered the best way to sanitize because it eliminates germs more thoroughly than other methods. Water for washing hands, on the other hand, is not always readily available. Given that we are not always indoors, most people would find it inconvenient to travel to and from the bathroom regularly. And, to be honest, we are often too lazy to take the time to do this simple task, especially when our palms don't appear to be dirty at all. And appearances can be deceiving. Even if our hands do not appear cloudy, they teem with microbes from the previous contact with contaminated objects.

Hand sanitizers are small and easy to carry. A bottle will last a long time because you only need a small amount (approximately 3ml) to disinfect your hands, and you can take it with you wherever you go. Water and soap, on the other hand, are not always readily available, which means they may not be available when you are in desperate need of cleaning. This is especially true for people who travel frequently. Traveling from one location to another will inevitably cause you to come into contact with a few items contaminated with disease-causing germs. Keeping a bottle of sanitizer on hand while traveling will protect you from any potential risk posed by these microbes once they enter your body.