Octenisept spray, octenisept wound gel, disinfectant liquid, Octenisan wash lotion
Octenisept spray, octenisept wound gel, disinfectant liquid, Octenisan wash lotion

How Octenisept Can Help You

11 October 2021

Open wounds are one of the best entryways for microbes that lurk silently on our skin and other foreign bodies that wait to intrude our body. It is often neglected, sometimes totally forgotten, especially if they are not that deep and significant at all. And what’s worse is that sometimes, we tend to make a more substantial mistake in this scenario by using pure alcohol as an antiseptic to cleanse the wound! Aside from being extremely painful, this is bad for the injured part.

What most people need to know is that there are products made precisely to cater to this kind of circumstances, and Octenisept is one of those. 


Created for an instant and painless medication for wounds through the process of disinfection, Octenisept is a colorless liquid applied around and sometimes in a shallow wound for treatment. If utilized correctly, it will kill the microbes and germs around the opening, thus preventing the possible risk of infections. And despite its effectiveness, it is considered mild compared to alcohol in cleaning injuries as it is made of materials that are quite gentle to the skin. Not to mention, it is suitable for infants and premature babies! 

Octenisept is very effective as an antiseptic. It is classified as a medical product as its efficacy is well regarded in a hospital setting. Aside from the functions mentioned above, you and medical professionals can also use it to:

  • Disinfect areas targeted by anogenital and urogenital surgery

  • Disinfect regions to be connected by catheter

  • Dab oral cavity

  • Rinse oral cavity (make sure to spit it)

  • Disinfect areas targeted for invasive treatments


Octenisept does not only come in a single form. It has some variety that targets a more specific demographic to apply its efficacy in everyday life. 

For example, Octenisept antiseptic is compacted in a small bottle intended for the more straightforward application of the antiseptic. It has a unique mixture of Octanedione and Phenoxyethanol, which guarantees an immediate and widespread antiseptic effect, thus eliminating existing microbes and possible growths of them for the prevention of infections which helps wounds to heal faster without hindrances. Octenisept antiseptic spray is perfect when you are pursuing accuracy in applying antiseptic on targeted spots.

Another form is wash lotion, also known as Octenisan wash lotion, which integrates Octenisept into your everyday body wash. Octenisan wash lotion is a gentle, antiseptic wash lotion for skin and hair. It reduces the bacterial-colonization such as MDRO (MRSA, VRE, ESBL, and others) while not having any adverse effects on the skin, such as dry skin. Octenisan wash lotion is also proven to be effective against enveloped viruses (e.g. coronaviruses) which is highly suitable for use for people in a high risk environments e.g. healthcare worker, frontliners, elderly patients etc.

Based on its skin-friendly active components and the absence of artificial coloring and fragrance, Octenisan wash lotion is safe for all skin types, which is true, especially for people who have various types of skin allergies. Make sure, however, not to use it for kids below the age of three. 


The amount of contact time is essential to any antimicrobial entity. As some germs are persistent, you’ll have to let the antiseptic stay on your skin long enough to eradicate any entryway for microorganisms like fungus. Ten seconds is long enough to remove the most common disease-causing microbes, but not nearly enough to wipe stubborn germs away completely! In these cases, you’ll have to let the antiseptic stay in your skin for at least two minutes. 

Lastly, you do not need to dilute it when you use it. With that said, with proper usage, you will find Octenisept necessary as it will help you avoid diseases by preventing them from invading your body.