Hand Sanitizers, hand sanitizer Singapore
Hand Sanitizers, hand sanitizer Singapore

Why Hand Sanitizers are Necessary for a Tropical Climate

01 November 2021


For most microbes, there is no better spot to thrive than a place that is subjected to warm, humid weather that persists throughout the year. In other words, locations with tropical climates. This is the main reason why high-quality hand sanitizers like that of Schulke are essential in these areas.

Just like how animals, plants, and humans tend to survive and grow faster in a tropical climate, microorganisms in these places reproduce faster and spread more easily compared to other regions with different atmospheric conditions. With skin moisture being retained much longer in this situation, microbes tend to get passed around quickly with every possible contact. This spells trouble in terms of disease transmissions, especially in a circumstance where we are facing a contagious pandemic, the exact scenario that we are currently in right now.

To eliminate the current pandemic and prevent another vicious outbreak caused by these tiny organisms, the chain of transmission needs to end somewhere along the line. One of the best solutions for this is to hinder the spread of microbes responsible for these diseases, which can be quickly done through the simple sanitation of our hands.


When a handful of disease-causing microorganisms lay upon the things around us, it contaminates them. And with just the right weather conditions, these items that don't seem to be infected become a breeding ground as they wait for people to touch the things they are in. This will become a never-ending cycle if everyone doesn’t practice proper hand hygiene or do a proper surface disinfection!


Washing your hands under running water and soap for twenty seconds or more is often considered the best way to sanitize as this eliminates germs more thoroughly compared to other methods. However, water and soap are not always easily accessible. Most would even find it inconvenient to repeatedly travel to and from the bathroom, considering we are not always indoors. Honestly, we often overlook this simple task, especially when our palms don’t look dirty. However, looks are often deceiving to our eyes. Even if our hands may look clean, there are lots of messy microbes that come from touching dirty surfaces or things.

Hand sanitizers address this dilemma as it makes hand hygiene easier and more convenient. Its portability allows us to live a hygienic life as we can always sanitize our hands without much hassle - even if there are no nearby washing bay to clean our hands.

It is also used as a substitute for washing hands in medical circumstances as they are more convenient and more efficient in that setting as it kills what is needed to be eliminated without much hassle.


Hand sanitizers in Singapore and other tropical nations are easily accessible due to their necessity in these environments. After all, they are as important as washing hands to promote overall healthier hygiene. 

And if you don’t like the dizzying smell of alcohol, there are sanitizers with a pleasant scent to reduce the unwanted and pungent smell of alcohol in general. Furthermore, they are not harsh against our skin at all. Some sanitizers come with a moisturizing feature, which is very relevant in a tropical environment! For example, microshield angel blue.