Disinfecting Wipes
 - Surface Wipes
Disinfecting Wipes - Surface Wipes

mikrozid® AF wipes

mikrozid® AF wipes is a ready to use, impregnated disinfection alcohol wipes with very broad biocidal activity within the shortest possible time. Suitable to be used on non-sensitive surfaces.

  • High quality non-woven material
  • Wipes demonstrates antimicrobial efficacy
  • Tested against enveloped viruses which is suitable to be used in the high-risk or high-touch areas for COVID-19 outbreak
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Instructions for use

How to use

  • Wash your hands thoroughly
  • Wear the gloves
  • Invert the tub 3 times
  • Open the lid and pull out the wipes
  • Wipe the surface with an "S" shape pattern
  • Ensure the complete wetting of the surface thoroughout the exposure time
  • Dispose the used wipes
  • Make sure that the lid is securely closed