mikrozid® AF wipes

mikrozid® AF wipes is a ready to use, impregnated disinfection alcohol wipes with very broad biocidal activity within the shortest possible time. Suitable to be used on non-sensitive surfaces.

  • High quality non-woven material
  • Wipes demonstrates antimicrobial efficacy
  • Tested against enveloped viruses which is suitable to be used in the high-risk or high-touch areas for COVID-19 outbreak

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How to use


As the product contains a higher level of alcohol content, it is recommended to wear a pair of gloves to prevent drying of your skin.

Hard surfaces, such as tables, chairs, railings, door knobs/handles except for alcohol sensitive surfaces e.g. acrylic glass and leather.

Common bacteria and viruses with a shorter contact time. Antimicrobial efficacies have been tested against stringent European Norm testing standards and the wipes meet the required antimicrobial efficacy.

Yes. Tested and shown effectiveness against enveloped viruses (e.g. coronaviruses).