hand sanitizer, alcohol hand sanitizer
hand sanitizer, alcohol hand sanitizer

Microshield Angel Blue Handrub Singapore: Where to Buy These Products

18 January 2022

Healthcare workers and individuals who want to protect themselves from microorganisms should be using a hand sanitizer, for example,  microshield Angel blue handrub. This product is a convenient way to make sure that you or your loved ones are protected at all times.

What is microshield (alcohol-based handrub)?

microshield range of handrubs is a specially designed hand disinfectant that provides an additional layer of protection against contamination for individuals. It contains emollients which moisturize the hands while protecting them from irritants. It quickly and effectively eliminates many harmful microorganisms such as antibiotic-resistant bacteria, food-borne pathogens, gram-negative bacteria and spore forming organisms on the hands.

It has also been found to be one of the most effective ways of reducing bacterial count on the skin. In addition, microshield range of handrubs provide antimicrobial effect on both hands and nails.

Why is microshield range of handrubs are considered a good skin antisepsis?

An antisepsis  or antiseptic is an agent that inhibits or prevents microorganisms from living on a surface. Microshield range of handrubs are considered a good skin antisepsis as it contains fast acting enriched alcohol for microorganism control.

In addition, some handrubs even contain other chemicals and active ingredients such as w/v chlorhexidine gluconate and 0.5 w/v chlorhexidine. The combination of these ingredients provide an effective and rapid hand antisepsis by killing microorganisms and reducing bacteria colonies on the hands, thus preventing cross-contamination of infection from one person to another.

Who can use microshield range of handrubs?

Due to its effectiveness in reducing bacterial count, microshield range of handrubs are suitable for patients at high risk of acquiring healthcare associated infections (HAI), including immunocompromised individuals with highly resistant organisms that have developed resistance against most antibiotics. This is particularly useful if there has been an outbreak or cases of certain types of HAIs within a community or institution, where it becomes necessary to provide rapid reduction in microbial counts before standard decontamination steps are completed.

How to use microshield handrub?

As with any product, it is advisable to read the label for precautions and skin antisepsis instructions. Before applying any microshield range of  handrubs, ensure that there is no wet area on the hands. Microshield range of handrubs can be used by applying an appropriate amount of it to sufficiently wet hands. Then rub vigorously to rapidly disinfect hands.

Where can you buy microshield handrub products?

Microshield handrub products usually come in handy gel bottles, and are available in a variety of sizes suitable for all size hands. These products can be found at pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, online stores, e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada and other medical facilities in Singapore. Some common over the counter pharmacies in Singapore include Watson, Unity and Guardian stores. Do check with these locations for availability before making any purchases. Similarly, you can look at our e-commerce store for our microshield.

It is important that individuals who want to use microshield handrub products should read the labels on the bottle. On top of that, they should consult their healthcare provider or pharmacist if they have any questions about microshield products before buying and using them.


Microshield handrub products are a convenient and effective way to protect yourself or your loved ones from microorganisms. They can be found in various medical facilities in Singapore, so do check with the respective locations for availability before making your orders. Remember to read the labels on the bottle and consult with healthcare providers or pharmacists if you have any questions.