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Skincare Cleanser

esemtan® skin cleanser (1L)
Body wash
esemtan® skin cleanser (500ml)
Body wash
Microshield® Moisturising Lotion
Body lotion
octenisan® wash lotion
Body wash

A good sensitive skin body wash is designed for those that fit the needs of delicate skin in mind. It is important for those especially with sensitive skin medical conditions, which require special care. Our line of hospital grade skincare products are developed specially with that in mind. With the right ingredients which is gentle, soap free and hypoallergenic.

Schulke Asia provides different types of sensitive skin body wash to fit different needs. For those that require the regular body wash can consider the Esemtan skin cleanser which is suitable for everyone. This body wash has a special moisturizing ingredient called Allantoin which helps moisturize the skin while leaving it clean and smooth with a non sticky residue.

All sensitive skin body wash products from Schulke Asia is dermatological tested, cleans effectively, and gentle on the skin. As a mild cleanser, it will not strip any nourishment from the skin. The body wash provides additional nutrients as you shower and protects your skin from germs and bacteria for the day. Buy now for the best effective sensitive skin body wash in Singapore.

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