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Hand Sanitizers

Microshield Angel Blue®
Microshield Angel Blue® - 100ml

What are Hand Sanitizers?

Common infections like the H1N2 flu virus or the current Covid-19 can be spread through contaminated hands.
This is why proper hygiene is an important first-line of defence against the spread of these viruses. The traditional soap and water is a known way to keep your hands clean and hygienic, however, this may not be easily accessible when you are looking to clean your hands. For example if you are always on the move and touching door handles, or any other surfaces which may be in contact with someone else. You will need to clean your hands often because of this.
This is where compact hand sanitizers have become widely available and popular in the market today. Not all hand sanitizers will contain alcohol but most effective ones will contain at least 60 - 80% alcohol. Having a hand sanitizer on hand can be very helpful when you are looking to keep your hands clean.
With the many different types of hand sanitizers out in the market today, individuals may face problems when selecting the right one. Everyone's skin is not the same and we want to make sure that our hand sanitizers suit everyone here in Singapore. Here at Schulke our products are hospital grade so it will be effective and at the same time gentle with the right formulations of ingredients.

Our hand sanitizers come with the right amount of alcohol and are moisturizing at the same time. We also provide pocketable hand sanitizers so that you can carry them around to be used anytime you need them. With the right amount of alcohol and moisturizing ingredients, our hand sanitizers will kill 99% of most common germs and keep your hand moisturized at the same time.

How to use a hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers have many usages, but the obvious one would be to use it on your hands.
1. Firstly, you should make sure that hands are free from any organic matter.
2. Squeeze a little onto one side your palms
3. Rub your hands together and make sure to get to the back side of your hands, fingertips and also in between your fingers.
4. Rubbing usually takes up to about 20 seconds and the liquid will have already dried up.

You may also consider other usages for hand sanitizers, for example;
1. Using it to disinfect other objects or surfaces like door handles, surfaces on public toilets, computer mice, keyboards and many other things.
2. Can also be used as a smartphone cleaner as it is one of the more frequent usage items in our lives, it can come in contact with many other surfaces.
3. Hand sanitizers also have some stain removing power on clothes, you just need a little amount of it.
4. It can also help in removing some glue residue from various surfaces

If you do not like the idea of hand sanitizers, you may also consider universal wipes. We also produce antibacterial wipes. Mikrozid surface wipes are ready to use wipes with proven antimicrobial efficacies that effectively clean and disinfect multiple different surfaces. These all-purpose disposable wipes remove common germs and bacteria on high touch surfaces like smart devices, kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces and more.