mikrozid ® surface wipes – NEA’s interim list of household products effective against coronavirus

In the first two decades of the 21st century, coronaviruses emerged across the world, the East and the West. It was therefore not unexpected that a novel coronavirus, causing COVID- 19, appeared at the end of 2019.

These coronaviruses with their crown-like spikes on their envelopes have created fear among the community. Hand hygiene is one of the key factors to prevent one from catching the infection but environmental cleaning on high touch surfaces is equally important.


Surface disinfection is the use of antibacterial disinfectants to clean and remove harmful infectious pathogens from the surfaces. Disinfecting surfaces has the following health benefits:

  • Kills germs that can cause illnesses e.g. COVID-19.
  • Cleans high touch areas such as kitchen and bathroom counters, door knobs, tables, toilet seats, electronic equipment and smart devices which may be contaminated with germs even when they are not visibly soiled.
  • Reduces contact with germs that can spread from surfaces such as dirty cleaning cloths, sponges, hands and even through droplets from coughing and sneezing.

Take note of the following aspects to help you choose the right surface disinfectant:

  • It should be convenient and easy to use. If possible, it should be used straight from its packaging.
  • The disinfectant must meet efficacy requirements and guidelines established by European Norm (EN) standards.
  • It must be dermatologically tested, gentle on skin and safe to use without gloves.
  • The disinfectant must be able to be used on sensitive surfaces such as smart devices.
  • It must be made from high quality material that is tear-resistant and can retain sufficient liquid for efficient cleaning.

Mikrozid ® surface wipes from schulke meet all these requirements and more. They can effectively disinfect surfaces of smart devices, keyboards, touch pads and toilet seats.The surface wipes come in a convenient, easy-to-use packs, and have the following qualities:

  • Tested against enveloped viruses and therefore are suitable for COVID-19.
  • Dermatologically tested, gentle to skin and safe to be used without gloves.
  • Made from high-quality non-woven material with high material compatibility.


With Mikrozid ® surface wipes, you can be well-prepared to fight against COVID-19, so get a pack for yourself and your family members now!

*Mikrozid ® surface wipes is included in the NEA’s interim list of household products effective against coronavirus. https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/public-cleanliness/environmental-cleaning-guidelines/guidelines/interim-list-of-household-products-and-active-ingredients-for-disinfection-of-covid-19


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