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What is Monkeypox virus?

Monkeypox is caused by the Monkey pox virus (virus family Poxviridae and genus Orthopoxvirus) and represents a rare disease which can affect also humans.

10 Unexpected Hygiene Threats in Living Rooms

Did you know that your living room could also be a haven for harmful bacteria and organisms?

3 Unexpected hygiene threats in washrooms

Maintaining good personal hygiene, such as hand washing, avoiding dirty surfaces, and proper sanitation, is only sometimes considered necessary.

Type of Treatments for Open Wounds

Open wounds are very common, and hence it is important for everyone to know the basic treatment of open wounds at home. Both natural remedies and medical treatments are available to treat open wounds, so you can choose depending on your preference. In today’s article, we will be discussing some of the treatments for open […]

The Benefits of Using a Wound Cleanser

Wound healing is a complicated process that involves different steps. Proper wound care is vital to guarantee that the healing process proceeds efficiently and smoothly. One of the most critical aspects of wound care is wound cleansing, which involves removing bacteria, debris, or other contaminants that might interfere with the healing process. While traditional methods […]

What Wound Dressings Are Available in First Aid Kits?

A well-stocked first aid kit at home or the office is essential to ensure emergency wounds can be dealt with immediately. There are various types of wound dressings available, and they include: surgical dressings general wound dressing first aid dressing central line dressing and many more Keeping an emergency first-aid medical kit within their reach […]