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What is Monkeypox virus?

Monkeypox is caused by the Monkey pox virus (virus family Poxviridae and genus Orthopoxvirus) and represents a rare disease which can affect also humans.

10 Unexpected Hygiene Threats in Living Rooms

Did you know that your living room could also be a haven for harmful bacteria and organisms?

3 Unexpected Hygiene Threats in Washrooms

Maintaining good personal hygiene, such as hand washing, avoiding dirty surfaces, and proper sanitation, is only sometimes considered necessary.

front image of octenisept antiseptic spray

What is Octenidine and Its Role in Wound Care

Wounds, whether minor or major, are a common part of life. For centuries, humanity has been in search of effective wound care treatments. From traditional home remedies to modern pharmaceutical solutions, the quest to heal wounds efficiently has been ongoing. As we delve into the realm of wound care, one cannot miss mentioning Octenidine – […]

choosing the right wound dressing

How to Choose the Right Dressing for Different Wound Types

When living in the hustle and bustle of Singapore, from the crowded streets of Orchard Road to the serene parks of East Coast, accidents can happen. An unintentional brush against a rough wall or an unfortunate kitchen mishap can lead to wounds. Knowing how to treat them properly with the right wound dressing, wound gels, […]

wound cleaning solutions

Best Solution for Cleaning Wounds

When it comes to health, wounds, whether minor or major, are a common occurrence that require meticulous care. Cleaning wounds is crucial in warding off infections, especially in Singapore’s humid climate where bacteria can thrive. Various wound cleaning solutions, including wound gels and antiseptic sprays, have become accessible to the masses. This article delves into […]